Find Out The Best Treadmill Workout For Weight Loss

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Has that old, boring workout routine got you down in the dumps? Are you looking to change things up with the best treadmill workout for weight loss? You're not alone. Sheer boredom and dwindling results are two reasons why many are throwing their old routines to the wayside.

Instead, many are choosing interval-based training programs because this method simply is the best treadmill workout for weight loss results. In fact, regular treadmill jogging, also known as steady-state cardio, has been proven to be a relatively ineffective choice for weight loss.

While training at a lower intensity for extended periods can undoubtedly burn calories, it has a much harder time breaking down stored adipose fat. Luckily, there are several ways that you can spice up your treadmill workout to lose that stubborn belly fat faster. And it's a lot more fun.

Burning Calories: How Weight Loss Work

We all know that in order to lose weight, we have to eat tiny amounts and spend hours on the treadmill, right? Wrong. While this old-fashioned way of thinking is still mainstream in gyms nation-wide, it's, fortunately, losing traction.

Put simply: we lose weight by burning more calories than we consume. Of course, we need calories to function. Calories from food are our primary source of energy that allows us to do things like walk to the shops or type out an email. However, when we consume more calories than our body can burn, it stores it for later use.

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Too much excess stored energy leads to that stubborn fat we so badly want to get rid of. To do so, we have to force our body to convert it back into energy. That's why the best treadmill workout for weight loss is one that burns calories fast, while also kicking our metabolism into gear.

Of course, metabolism varies from person to person. Factors like genetics, age, sex, as well as body size and composition, will determine how effectively your body uses up excess stored energy. One important thing is listening to your body and consulting a physician before commencing any drastic weight loss regimen.

Tracking Calories And Setting Goals

Weight loss is a two-way street. While you certainly need to burn calories, you also need to watch how much you consume. It doesn't matter how many hours you spend perfecting and implementing the best treadmill workout for weight loss; if you pile up the calories, you won't lose weight.

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Maintaining a healthy diet with calories coming from a wide range of fresh produce is just as important as training. Thankfully, this doesn't mean starving yourself skinny. In fact, not eating enough will slow your metabolism and consequently halt your weight loss progress.

Read the packaging, track your calories, and hit your dietary targets. Complementing these targets with the best treadmill workout for weight loss will ensure steady and healthy weight loss results.

Is A Treadmill Workout Good For Weight Loss?

As our lives get busier, we're all looking to get a bit of added convenience in virtually everything. For this reason, treadmills are a godsend. There's no more natural way to quickly burn some calories between work and picking up the kids than jumping on the treadmill.

Furthermore, now you can pick up a high-quality treadmill for a relatively cheap price. So there really is little stopping you. That being said, our tools are only as useful as our methods of using them. Treadmills are a notoriously misused piece of equipment. Many spend hours jogging at low intensity in hopes of losing weight.

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We'll put it this way, you don't want to spend a lot of grueling time working out for little result, right? That's why researching and applying the best treadmill workout for weight loss is so important. Modern treadmills have several settings, the most important being speed and incline.

While a higher incline angle does increase the necessary effort, it's more effective at building muscle in the legs. For weight loss, speed is the most critical setting. Knowing how to program and combine interval settings is key to developing the best treadmill workout for weight loss. Not to mention, it's just as important to keep your machine running smoothly. For that, we recommend applying treadmill lube regularly.

What Is HIIT?

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a type of training that utilizes short bursts of high intensity, coupled with short periods of rest. HIIT has gained popularity in the fitness and weight loss scene because of the impressive achievable results in relatively short workout sessions.


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One fascinating factor about HIIT is the afterburn effect. Basically, a workout at high intensity, even for short bursts will cause your body to consume higher amounts of oxygen and burn more calories during periods of rest. Interestingly, this effect can continue even hours after your workout!

The Best Treadmill Workout For Weight Loss

By now, you're probably wondering, “What is the best treadmill workout for weight loss?” The answer is that workouts aren't a one-stop-shop. Treadmill workout results will vary depending on your ability and fitness level.

Below, we've outlined a typical 20-minute HIIT routine, which is often referred to as the best treadmill workout for weight loss. These routines are great because it's easy to scale intensity and rest periods based on your ability. Just try to stick to the 20-minute total training time.

Working With Speed Intervals

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The best treadmill workout for weight loss focuses on alternating speed intervals. Before you begin, try to customize the planned intervals into your treadmill's interface, or be ready to manually adjust speed as you go. The concept is to apply short, hard bursts of high intensity running, combined with alternated periods of rest.

The goal is to get your heart rate up quickly to burn calories faster. As the actual speed settings tend to vary from treadmill to treadmill, we won't list any definitive settings. Try to determine the different speed settings that force you into a walk, jog, and run, and work with those.

Warm Up

As with any form of exercise, it's crucial to warm-up beforehand. Make sure that you stretch and warm up your legs to prepare for a good, solid treadmill workout.

Start out at a gentle walking speed and gradually increase the pace to a light jog over the first three minutes. Try to slowly get your heart rate to rise and to get the blood flowing through the legs.

Picking Up The Pace

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Once you're warmed up, it's time to start working with speed intervals. Increase the pace to a jog for one minute. Then, for the second minute, increase the speed yet again into a fast run for one more minute. Push through and watch the clock count-down if you need to.

This part of the workout is aimed at raising your heart rate and forcing your body into the anaerobic training zone. In this zone, your body calories faster and better targets your stored adipose fat cells.


After one minute of hard running, immediately slow down to a brisk walk. You will feel your heart still beating hard while your breath slowly returns to you. This rest period allows your body to recover. However, since your heart is still pounding, you will always burn calories due to that afterburn effect we mentioned earlier.


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After a minute of rest at walking pace, repeat the interval process by speeding up into a jog for one minute, then a run for one minute, and again, back to a walk. The goal is to repeat the process to get an overall workout time of 20 minutes. With a three minute warm-up, this means five intervals of walking, jogging, and running.


After five intervals, remember to cool-down by slowly lowering your speed into a walk. Because the last interval ends at rest, your heart rate will already be slowing down. That means that the final two minutes is adequate time for a suitable cool-down phase.

Cooling down will allow your body to better recover from a workout and will help to avoid any injury. It's also essential to stretch both before and after training.

Adjusting Your Training To Optimize Weight Loss Results

Have you been sticking to the best treadmill workout for weight loss but you're hitting a weight loss wall? As you lose weight and gain physical fitness, you will need to adapt your training to avoid a plateau.

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If you're finding the workout too easy, add in gradual increases in incline. That will require more effort during the periods of intensity. Furthermore, you should increase the speed. I'm sure that what you considered a sprint at the start will be more like a jog after a few weeks of dedicated training.

Sticking To The Best Treadmill Workout For Weight Loss Goals

When it comes to weight loss, the hardest part is sticking to a routine. While the best treadmill workout for weight loss detailed above will deliver results, you will need consistency. When it comes to treadmill motivation, playing a film, or watching videos can do wonders.

Why not make it routine to watch your favorite Netflix series in front of the treadmill? So, what are you waiting for? Lace up those sneakers and get running! What do you think about our best treadmill workout for weight loss? Do you have any variations to the routine? We'd love to hear from you. Drop a comment below.

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