The Best Power Rack for Your Home Gym

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According to MarketWatch, in 2016, Americans spent $19 billion on gym memberships. On average, people pay at least $50 to $80 a month for a membership to a gym. Sadly, many of those individuals never get their money's worth because they simply don't find enough time to visit the gym as often as they would like. If you find yourself caught in this never-ending cycle of trying and failing to squeeze in enough time for the gym, perhaps it's time for you to think about adding one in your home. Of course, to do that you're going to need to find the best power rack for your home gym first.

Whether it's because you can't pull off making it to the gym, or you are just ready to add a power rack to your home, we found a whole list of well-rated options. There are hundreds of different power racks on the market, though, making finding the right one difficult. Not to mention, power racks are big, heavy, expensive, and complicated, so returning them is quite difficult. In other words, you want to get it right the first time. There is sure to be something on our list that will help you nail it.

What Is a Power Rack?

Before we can find you the best power rack for your home gym, let's quickly review what a power rack is and how it can elevate your workout. A power rack, also known as a "power frame," or a "power cage," is a piece of gym equipment that essentially looks like the outline of an old-fashioned phone booth. Although, you can get a 2-D version for a smaller space, as well. Obviously, different power racks have different features, but they all have several things in common.

Power racks come with pins that allow you to adjust the height depending on the exercise you're doing. Additionally, power racks have safety catches, which eliminate the need for a spotter when you're working out. Accordingly, you can get different attachments, depending on how you want to work out. Though, a study from Illinois State University proved that free weight training causes your muscles to work harder than machine assisted training -- so keeping it simple will pay off in other ways as well.

Tips for Finding the Best Power Rack for Your Home Gym

There are several things you need to consider in your search for the best power rack for your home gym. First, it's essential that you know where in your home you will place the rack. Although racks come in different shapes and sizes and most are highly adjustable, this will still likely be your largest piece of equipment. The last thing anyone wants is to finally receive their power rack, only to realize it's too large for your space.

What is the maximum rack depth and height that you can accommodate?

In our list, we will include specific measurements for each unit. So, you need to know the size of the space you have set aside for your new equipment. Measure the space and add a little bit around the sides so you can safely move around while you are working out.

Quality of construction and strength of the rack

Of course, we made sure that every rack on our list of the best power racks for your home gym come highly reviewed for quality. However, whether or not you choose an item from our list, there are other things you need to watch out for, as well. For example, pay close attention to the materials used in the construction of each piece. There are a few different facets to this.

First, what sort of metal does the equipment use? If it's steel or some other metal, the lower the gauge, the better with 11 gauge or less preferred by most professionals. Second, check on the total weight capacity. You generally want a rack with a higher weight capacity because those tend to be more stable.

Accessories You Can Get to Add on to Your Power Rack

Once you find the best power rack for your home gym, then you get to accessorize. As a matter of fact, you can get all sorts of neat add-ons for your rack. Here are a few of the most popular:

  • Pull-up bar
  • Spotter arms: functions as a spotter for squats, bench presses, or military pressed outside of the rack
  • Suspended safety straps: Enhance the safety system with straps to catch the bar above the already set safety pins
  • Dip attachment: Like the pull-up bar, attach these lower down so you can do dip exercises
  • Landmine: Rotational device that contains a sleeve for a bar that pivots so you can do rowing, cleaning, or deadlifts
  • Hyper attachments: accessories allow you to work your core inside the rack
  • Reverse hypers extension: Excellent for working lower back, glutes, and hamstrings extra hard
  • Lat pull down bar

Assembling the Power Rack

Of course, once you find the best power rack for your home gym, it will require some assembly upon arrival. One thing we can tell you that we learned early with this type of equipment -- much like furniture from Ikea, putting these together can be a challenge.

That information brings us to our pro-tip of the day. No matter what power rack you order, read up on the reviews. For every single rack on our list, many reviews give detailed instructions on how the end-user got their machine together. Above letting you know it's a quality machine, everyone really helps out with construction as well.

One Final Note

One final note before we get down to business. You will see several different measurements related to the power racks on our list. Most of them are self-explanatory, save for one: depth. When you see the depth measurement that defines, "the distance that the bars will travel between uprights."

How We Found the Best Power Rack for Your Home Gym

Man wearing a chain on his shoulder doing some pull ups using the power rack

Image by Pavel Jurča from Pixabay

To find you the best power rack for your home gym, we started with best sellers lists. Then, we read every professional review we could get our hands on. From there, we made a master list and dug into the reviews for each item. Then, if we found that the reviews backed up the rest of the data, we put the equipment on our list. Conversely, if we found the reviews did not back up the rest of our data, we cut that piece of equipment from our list.

What You Should Budget for Your New Power Rack

Man doing some pull ups using the power rack

Photo by Victor Freitas from Pexels

On our list today searching for the best power rack for your home gym, we found equipment with price points all over the map. You can spend as little as $100 on a new power rack. However, you can also easily spend well over $1000, as well. Granted, most of the items we found today range in price from $200 to $700. It's not difficult to spend much more than that, especially once you start to add accessories.

Top Six Best Power Racks for Your Home Gym

Finally, here we are at the list of the top six power racks for your home gym. As we said, on this list we included items from many different price points. However, even the discount items on our list come highly reviewed. This list is in no particular order.

CAP Barbell Power Rack Exercise Stand, Multiple Colors
  • SPECS –Assembled dimensions are 46" wide x 50" deep x 85" high
  • CONSTRUCTION –The 11- and 12- gauge steel tubing allows this bench to meet and exceed ASTM testing standards. Tested Static weight capacity for catches is 500lb and 750lb for the pull up bar
  • FEATURES – Built-in bar and weight storage. Double gusseted uprights provide exceptional stability and security. J-cup catches to safely hold barbell
  • RELIABILITY – Durable powder coat finish and industrial zinc hardware provide exceptional maintenance-free durability
  • TRUST – Trust experience. CAP has been a pioneer in fitness for over 30 years and has locations worldwide. Chances are if you have EVER worked out, you have used a CAP product

First up on our list helping you find the best power rack for your home gym is the CAP Barbell Power Rack. This simple single-bar power rack is for those of you looking for something on the low end of the price spectrum.

  • Assembled size: 50 inches wide by 85 inches high
  • Depth: 30 inches
  • Materials: 12 and 14 gauge steel
  • Double gusseted structure uprights to reinforce stability
  • Powder-coat finish
  • Included: bar catches, pull-up bar
  • Uses: body weight station or resistance
  • Weight capacity: 300 pounds
  • Price: $99 to $125


Accordingly, this item has a ton of positive reviews with many customers reporting that it works exactly as they need it to. Users report that this power rack is very stable and well-designed. The negative reviews we found said that now and then, this item shows up without the proper nuts and bolts

ROGUE R-3 Power Rack

Second on our list is the ROGUE R-3 Power Rack. You can only find the mid-range power rack for sale directly from ROGUE. ROGUE has an entire R-series of these types of racks, and this is the shortest one. The smaller size options allow those putting it in the basement to have plenty of room.

  • Assembled size: 24 or 30 inches long by 49 inches wide by 90 inches high
  • Depth: 24 inches
  • Materials: 2 by 3-inch 11 gauge steel
  • Footprint: 24 or 30 inches by 53 inches
  • Included: 43-inch fat/skinny pull-up bar, infinity J-cups, pin/pipe safeties, band pegs
  • You can add many accessories (bars, plates, and a bench) to the original order and save on shipping
  • "Shorty" version available
  • Must bolt the unit to the floor
  • 5/8-inch bolts and fasteners
  • Weight capacity: 1,000 pounds
  • Price: $685 to $700 (accessories extra)


This rack is highly-rated all-around. Indeed, people say it works exactly as they want it to and it's stable and well-made as well. However, on the downside, one user stated he wished the holes on the rack had markings so he could remember which ones he used.

Next up in our search for the best power rack for your home gym is the Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Power Cage. Conversely, unlike the other two, this power rack is on the large side, and it holds quite a bit of weight compared to our other selections.

  • Assembled size: 50.5 inches long by 46.5 inches wide by 83.5 inches wide
  • Depth: 23 to 24 inches
  • Materials: 2 by 2-inches square steel frame
  • Included: two 3 1/4-inch lock-on chrome safety bars, two 23-inch dual-mounted chrome safety bars
  • Optional attachments: J-hooks, dip bars, weight plate holders, weight bench, and landmine (sold separately)
  • 19 different adjustable hight levels
  • Weight capacity: 800 pounds
  • Multi-position pull-up grip bars
  • Price: $227 to $329


The reviews for this machine overwhelmingly say the same things -- this is a great machine, super sturdy, it works as advertised, and everyone's thrilled with the price. However, on the downside, we did find a couple of negative reviews stating the package showed up with missing pieces.

Body-Solid Powerline PPR200X Adjustable Power Rack for Weightlifting and Strength Training
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Power racks help weightlifters work out safely and effectively at home
  • SAFETY: The Body-Solid Powerline Power Rack has a wide walk-in design with 24 inches between upright pillars for easy motion during training
  • CAPACITY: Rack weighs 133lbs, and has 2 heat-tempered lift-offs, and 2 saber-style safety rods .
  • DIMENSIONS: The Body-Solid Powerline Power Rack measures 44 by 46 by 82 inches (L x W x H) with 18 adjustment levels
  • SECURITY: Body-Solid's Power Racks and gear sets the standard in home gym equipment

Fourth on our list, we have the PowerLine by Body-Solid Power Rack. Like the others, this machine falls at the lower end of the price spectrum. Though, according to the reviews, you don't lose out on quality even though the price is so nice.

  • Assembled size: 44 inches long by 46 inches wide by 82 inches high
  • Depth: 46 inches
  • Materials: 2 by 2-inch 12 gauge steel
  • Included: two list-offs (heat-tempered), two saber-style safety rods, one 41-inch pull-up bar
  • Optional attachments: PFID125X folding weight bench, PFID130X adjustable bench, PLA200X lat attachment, DR100 dip attachment
  • 18 different adjustable height levels
  • Weight capacity: 600 pounds
  • Multi-position pull-up grip bars
  • Price: $299 to $464


The written reviews match those numbers with people raving about this power rack. Notably, the reviews state that this setup is bare-bones but incredibly solid. Additionally, we found many reviews from people who have used this equipment for years with no problems. On the downside, if you are a larger lifter, this one is on the small side and may not be for you.

Valor Fitness BD-7 Power Rack with LAT Pull Attachment & Pull Up Station
  • ROCK SOLID, STURDY & SAFE – Whether you are racking your heavy barbell or performing pull-ups, this rack will has your back. It will remain completely still with no shaking or rocking. Comes with heavy duty safety bars for your safety and security while using this rack. Constructed of 2” x 2” 12-gauge steel with rubber base caps that encase each foot to add safety, stability, and floor protection.
  • CHANGE UP YOUR WORKOUT- This squat cage can be used in many ways. Includes a pull up station with knurled grip at the top of the workout cage, in addition to the lat pull down station with plate loading carriage (lap bar and low row/curl bar included). Use it for squats, bench, pull-ups, lat pulls, bicep curls and many more!
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE – This squat rack cage does not need to be bolted down. Comes with all necessary hardware and our new and improved manual with easy to follow instructions.
  • ORGANIZED & ADJUSTABLE- This weight rack cage allows for an organized home gym with 4 plate storage pegs measuring 8” each for ample storage for both Olympic and standard plates. 27 variable positions for bar support, ranging in height from 17.5” to 68”. Vibrant numbering system to easily identify variable positions.
  • ADDITIONAL- 500 lb. max load if using the bar catchers outside of the power cage, 650 lb. max load if using the bar catchers inside the fitness rack, 750 lb. max load for safety bars. 200lb. max load on the Lat Pull down. For longer wear and tear, gently return the carriage to the starting position. Warranty, 3-year frame, 2-year cable, and 1-year hardware. Arrives in 2 separate boxes.

Fifth on our list of ideas to help you find the best power rack for your home gym with the Valor Fitness BD-7 Power Rack. This rack has a slightly higher price point, but it also comes with a lat pull attachment.

  • Assembled size: 53 inches long by 44 inches wide by 84 inches high
  • Depth: 46 inches
  • Materials: 2 by 2-inch 12 gauge steel
  • Included: pull-up bar and lat pull attachment
  • Optional attachments: cable crossover, dumbbell holder set, short bar holder, dip handles, adjustable plate storage, and safety bars
  • 17 different adjustable height levels
  • Weight capacity: lat pulls max weight 250 pounds, max weight for the safety catch 500 pounds
  • Price: $430 to $588


It's easy to surmise that people are raving about this power rack too. Indeed, we found many reviews that said this rack is perfect for intermediate lifters. We found many long-term users that said this equipment hold up over time. On the negative side, we found a few reviews that stated the lat pull down gets in the way and the cable frays.

Bodycraft F430 Power Rack
  • Rugged 11 gauge, 2" X 3" Steel Tubing
  • Easy Spring Pin Adjustments on Safety Spotters and Bar Catches
  • Chin Up Bar
  • Lifetime warranty

Finally, we round out the list of ideas for the best power rack for your home gym with the Bodycraft F430 Power Rack. The F430 tops our list as the most expensive, however, according to the reviews, it's worth every penny. You can choose to add the following (sold separately): dip attachments, extra bar catches, plate loaded lat/row option, weight stack kit, cable crossover, plate racks, triceps rope, and Olympic adaptors.

  • Assembled size: 51.5 inches long by 48.9 inches wide by 82.5 inches high
  • Depth: 34.5 inches
  • Materials: 2 by 3-inch 11 gauge steel
  • Included: safety spotters and bar catches with easy spring pin adjustments
  • Pull-up bar included (can be used with bands and accessories)
  • 2-inch spacing for adjustable heights
  • Weight capacity: 1,200 pounds
  • Price: $899 to $1,025


In light of those numbers, it's easy to imagine the written reviews are excellent. Indeed they are with customers reporting that this rack is "built like a tank," and easy to put together. On the negative side, we found a few reviews that stated the padding rubs off the J-hooks. Conversely, those same reviews state that the wear doesn't affect the overall stability of the cage itself.

Now You Don't Need a Gym or a Buddy

With all of this in mind, remember one thing -- now you are out of excuses. Once you find the best power rack for your home gym, you won't need a gym or even a spotter to work out. Remember, no matter what you choose, read up on the reviews to get previous customer's pro tips on putting everything together once it arrives at your home. All things considered, now that you have read this you are more ready than ever before to get things going right there at home.

Featured Image: Image by Scott Webb from Pixabay  

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